Tell the truth then your Problems become part of the Past. Lie then
your Problems become part of the Future
Rick Pitino

an true story from 1920s in Japan about the bond between Dog and Man. 


Invokes image of an illness forcing expelling of things unhealthy.
However: the latest proves common law average people live by, is actually a tool the Court can apply to decide a case when the privileged people act ignorant. The offender didn’t know better due to a lofty existence.

Then by reason: the underprivileged spend money they don’t have based on, not having any to know the Value they don’t usually possess.

Ignorance of the Law allowed if affluent. Now I think I’m going to regurgitate. ‘Scuse me.

died under a bad signer

  Mandela deserved the momentous outpouring of emotion and reflection his sacrifices and conviction paid for in a country wrought in civil unrest during his lifetime. His life’s journey that ended with the rousing applause and respect he didn’t ask for. But one his achievement commanded. Perhaps the truest test of integrity.

The president of the US even took it upon himself to sound like he was leading the congregation into a new era as a Speaker. The voice was similar to a Preacher. This was my first clue things were to get even more worthy of some play. This was too good to leave alone while at work. I work with quite a few hearing impaired. I get the full impact of what happened.

  I don’t take the time to work a keyboard if the material isn’t there. The guy to his left was moving his hands convincingly. As if he is very schooled in the art of Sign Language. Done it many times before he said. One problem though: He was there to interpret to people hearing impaired. They would read (or not read) what a schizophrenic was not doing right. At what point does it occur to his handlers and to the Heads of State they might want to validate this guy? The need to understand what the people on stage are saying?…an important aspect of his job. Dontcha think? Did it occur to this fraud people might start asking questions about what Baranuba Obiba is saying? The people needing his gestures to be accurate and on target. No, these poor people were probably looking around slowly over their shoulders to see if someone else is looking for an explanation. 

I hear his signs were real similar or represented baseball terms. Stealing second, going half way to second on the fly, or swinging away has to have a euphemism that can get connected to Politics somewhere. This guy didn’t care. He was gesturing like he got the Speech ahead of time.

  And no one was good enough to admit they were completely lost watching him. Play along. Don’t ever admit being lost. Business is good. He said it’s never been a problem before. Well you underestimated the one’s that might be watching and need to live with this talent. They pay attention. They are probably left wondering why they are listening to a play-by-play from Marty Brennaman. Like he’s peering out of his window high above home plate in Cincinnati. 

The show closed for business a few years too soon. The writer’s would’ve had to make a reference to this. Painting Kramer in the role of being a “Forrest Gump” making an appearance in all the huge moments in Time. His face in the background smiling faintly like he’s as proud as a Papa holding his first child. Catching Henry Aaron’s 715th in the outfield knocking over the 10 year old to get it. The guy sitting on the grassy knoll in Dallas holding a camera as Kennedy and Connolly roll by. Pretending he’s right where he is supposed to be. Like George Castanza that keeps showing up for the office job he got. Had no clue what to do when he was assigned the ‘Penske File’. Just go through the motions. Wave, smile, stretch, and laugh.

What happened that day, I see angels come to the stadium … I startimage realizing that the problem is here. Sometimes I react violent on that place. Sometimes I will see things that chase me. And remember those people, the president and everyone, they were armed, there was armed police around me. If I start panicking I’ll start being a problem. I have to deal with this in a manner so that I mustn’t embarrass my country.- Thamsanqua Jantjie,

This begs more questions: As if it can’t get anymore odd for the government of South Africa. We have an individual that suffers from hallucinations given a pass to stand 3 feet away from a dignitary that requires multi-levels of clearance to be near… IN HIS OWN COUNTRY. Well his supposed country. but that’s another issue. One oversight at a time.

I haven’t laughed or cried this hard for years. Afterall, President Obiba was taking a selfie at a gathering for a respectful ceremony. One that honoring a man cemented in time . Another next him was talking about a Sport not connected to that country in the very least. 

Anyone know the sign for ‘Dumb When In Africa’? This was wrong all the way around, and at the wrong time for ignorance. Nelson Mandela deserved better. The Secret Service and government of South Africa bilaterally own this. Maybe POTUS was too comfortable feeling like he was at home. At least he didn’t have his feet propped up on Michelle’s lap while she rubbed them.  

After hearing someone spout the phrase ‘i just don’t know’ a dozen times it might be wise to stop endowing the author the opportunity to keep saying it
sacked out with my lil Yorkie.

sacked out with my lil Yorkie.

The Formula

Barack 6 letters
Hussein 7 letters
Obama 5 letters
18 letters divided by 3 names = 6 per name times 3

6 6 6 

Amounts to Creepy

At the Retroplex
An 8 hour Psychological Bloodletting 

At the Retroplex

An 8 hour Psychological Bloodletting